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Free learning for everyone

Hugin is a new learning software,
designed to be effective and user friendly.

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A simple learning process


Create a Set

You can create both traditional "Questions & Answer", or "multiple choice question" Sets.


Choose a learning mode

Hugin features multiple ways of learning, such as a spell, time-test, pair, and many more learning modes.



Share Sets with your friends and classmates. Use cooperative learning modes to learn together.

New this year

Cooperative Learning

Learning with others can be both helpful and fun.
Try out our first co-op learning mode now!

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Hugin is made by learners

A variety of learning modes

Hugin offers multiple learning modes, each serving a different purpose. This makes Hugin a suitable learning tool for all kinds of subjects.

Learning Groups

Invite your friends and classmates into a Learning Group; a perfect space for upcoming tests, events, and relevant Sets to be shared.

Quizlet Import

Moving over to Hugin is simple! Hugin is able to convert and import your Quizlet Sets without you doing anything but providing the export-data.

Unique Features

New this year
Hugin AI

Have a lot of leftover notes after class and not enough time to make a Set out of them? Just paste your notes into Hugin to get an AI-generated Question and Answer Set, ready for you to use!

Math Equations as Questions and Answers

With standard text inputs, math equations can quickly turn unreadable.

With our math mode, you can create questions with complex math equations easy. It is also convenient for chemistry and other numeric subjects.

Visualized Learning Results

Your results are logged when using one of our point-based learning modes. Easily track your learning progress and compare your results against others with our result chart!

Command Bar

Hugin offers a simple command bar for fast navigation, commands, and Set-searches. It is accessible by clicking on the search-icon on the navbar or pressing Cmd/Ctrl+K