Hugin Year 2

Hugin starts off its second year with a major update. Read more about it here.

Changelog Summary:

  • Added cooperative learning mode functionality.
  • Added new "Revolve" cooperative learning mode.
  • Improved command bar sorting.
  • Improved command bar performance.
  • Added tooltips to certain UI elements.
  • Improved design of page links.
  • Added cooperative learning widget to dashboard.
  • Rewrote entire authentication system.
  • Added new authentication pages.
  • Added 'Log in with Discord' feature.
  • Improved 'Log in with Weblaunch' feature.
  • Added 'Log in with email' feature.
  • Added account deletion flow.
  • Improved performance of dynamic navbar elements.
  • Added a new account page.
  • Added 'Change username' functionality.
  • Added a newsletter toggle.
  • Improved bug tracking.
  • Added avatar image uploads.
  • Added an onboarding flow.
  • Improved structure of terms of service.
  • Added descriptions to certain account functions.
  • Improved database performance.
  • Redesigned learning groups.
  • Added Set sharing functionality to learning groups.
  • Redesigned charts on dashboard.
  • Redesigned charts on Set pages.
  • Redeisgned "Create" page.
  • Added Hugin AI.
  • Fixed dark mode on "Your Sets" page.
  • Improved overall app security.


A small fix this time. We fixed a bug that would cause the Set actions (shuffle, restart, etc.) to trigger while a user was typing in input fields.


Over the last few weeks, we have dedicated our efforts to addressing bugs and enhancing the performance of the application. These improvements aim to provide a smoother and more efficient user experience and pave the way for the development of new features in the future.

Furthermore, in addition to the app-changes we have made, we have taken the step of relocating our servers closer to our users. This will dramatically improve the overall speed of the entire application.

Full changelog:

  • Added a filter (search box) to "Your Sets" page.
  • Fixed color feedback on Pair learning mode.
  • Fixed drag and drop hydration errors.
  • Fixed multiple public averages showing after returning from a learning mode.
  • Fixed shuffle algorithm. (New Set order is now reflected immediately in the UI as it should).
  • Fixed the autosave dialogue not appearing on the create page.
  • Fixed the command "Create a new MCQ Set" in the command bar.
  • Improved focus behaviour of action-buttons.
  • Improved security of protected pages.
  • Increased max allowed characters on questions and answers.
  • QA and MCQ inputs now wrap.
  • Restyled toast styles.

Set Forks (0.15.0)

The new Set Fork feature in Hugin allows users to fork (copy/duplicate) any existing Set. This means that learners can easily create their own version of an existing Set, which they can then modify, customize and learn from as they see fit. Whether it's to make small adjustments to an existing Set or to create an entirely new Set based on an existing one, the Set Fork feature provides a quick and easy way for users to build upon the knowledge and resources of the app's community.

Overall, this feature encourages collaboration and sharing of learning materials, making it easier for users to access high-quality educational content.

We have also raised the maximum number of questions allowed on a QA Set. You can now create up to 125 questions and answers on a single Set!.

Full changelog:

  • Added Set Forks.
  • Added Changelog page.
  • Fixed logout errors.
  • Improved auth flow.
  • Increased max questions allowed.


  • Corrected navbar color.
  • Improved bug tracking.

Set Results (0.14.0)

You can now see your learning progress with Set results! A chart is now displayed on every Set, visualizing your results, together with your average and the public average result. Results are stored on all point-based learning modes.

The small searchbar has been moved to a brand new command bar. It can be used to quickly navigate between pages or run some of the core app-functions, such as toggling dark mode. Pro tip: press Cmd/Ctrl+Kto open the command prompt, and navigate with your keyboard arrows.

We have also spent some time cleaning up and modernizing our landing page. More design improvements will follow.

Full changelog:

  • Updated landing page.
  • Improved layout of create page.
  • Added command bar.
  • Improved fetching of recently used Sets.
  • Added Set-results.
  • Fixed action-buttons on learning modes.
  • Added details tab to Set overview.
  • Improved keybinds on memorize learning mode.
  • Improved performance.
  • Fixed empty autosaved forms.
  • Fixed recently used duplicates.
  • Added buttons to clear recently used Sets and results.


  • Improved navbar design.
  • Improved loader design.
  • Improved "Your Sets" page design.
  • Rewrote Quizlet import.


  • Fixed deletion of Sets that had been recently used.
  • Added async recently-used logging.

Math mode and Imports (0.13.0)

Have you ever tried fighting against your computer, trying to write math expressions in plain text? You're not the only one. Hugin is a learning tool for all subjects, also math. That's why we have spent a lot of time creating our newest feature: Math mode. Simply click a button when creating a question or answer, and your keyboard inputs will be displayed in LaTeX (math-text). As an example, a square root will be displayed as a literal √, instead of the text 'sqrt'. Math mode is also perfect for chemistry and physics-related questions.

We know many of our users have used Quizlet in the past, and have created several study sets on their platform. You can now import your Quizlet sets easily to Hugin, by simply pasting your set-export from Quizlet.

Based on one of our user's ideas, this Hugin update ships with a brand new learning mode, called "Pair". Your task is to drag or click on the matching question/answer cards. Try it out now on one of your QA Sets.

As always, this update brings some design improvements and bug fixes. We hope you enjoy the new features, and feel free to give us feedback or suggestions!

  • Added math mode to QA and MCQ Sets.
  • Added new "Pair" learning mode to QA Sets.
  • Added Quizlet import.
  • Redesigned dashboard UI.
  • Updated "Your Sets" page UI.
  • Updated Action-menu UI.
  • Updated Spell page UI.
  • Updated Memorize page UI.
  • Rewrote recent-sets logging.
  • Added user caching (major load-time improvements).
  • Improved shuffle algorithm.
  • Increased max width of forms.
  • Improved Test and Time-Test learning modes.
  • Removed legacy authentication guard.
  • Updated landing page.


  • Updated landing page.
  • Improved performance.
  • Fixed learning group reload.
  • Fixed font on modal and notification center.
  • Added mentions to chat.
  • Fixed QA Set editing.

New Time-Test Learning Mode

  • Added MCQ Time-Test learning mode.
  • Added keybinds to MCQ Test learning mode.
  • Improved input autofocus in Spell learning mode.
  • Fixed edited sets' changes not being reflected immediately.
  • Improved landing page experience on mobile.
  • Improved Set page UI.
  • Improved Searchbar UI.
  • Fixed font-loading.
  • Added notification center.


  • Improved create-new-set forms.
  • Added drag and drop to QA and MCQ form.
  • Updated landing page.
  • Added autosave to create-new-set forms.
  • Improved QA edit.
  • Added MCQ edit.
  • Added MCQ Memorize learning mode.
  • Fixed hydration error on dashboard page.


  • Added Edit Learning Group functionality.
  • Improved light theme.
  • Fixed Learning Group Event sorting.
  • Added Learning Group member page.
  • Improved auth.

Learning Groups (0.9.0)

  • Added Learning Groups.
  • Fixed New-Set button styling.
  • Added Learning Group Event creation.
  • Added Event auto delete.


  • New cookie-based auth system.
  • Added SSR.
  • Added more custom quotes.
  • Fixed navbar with missing avatar.
  • Fixed scroll on Set page.
  • Added results to some learning modes.
  • Improved navbar styling.
  • Fixed dashboard widgets.
  • Improved backend requests.
  • Fixed font thickness.
  • Added liked Sets to dashboard.


  • Added custom quotes.
  • Added images to questions.
  • Fixed Set deletion.
  • Added Spell mode.
  • Fixed design bugs.


  • Added refetch button to quote widget.
  • Mobile navbar.
  • Improved layout on dashboard.


Early access release.


The birth of Hugin.